breaking my heart

When I know someone is unhappy or in pain and I can do nothing about it…rips me apart inside. I’m caring for someone who is terminally ill. It took me a long time to build a relationship with him because I didn’t want to become emotionally attached. Obviously, in my line of work your not supposed to be. Anyone with a heart knows better! I’ve been spending a lot of one on one time with him lately. I’ve learned so much about him. Yesterday morning I cleaned him up, got him comfortable and began rubbing his back. I don’t know how to answer him as he’s mouthing help me I’m so sick. I hurt so badly for him. The only comfort he has is smoking yet as he does so he vomits and I die a lil inside. He’s cold to my touch but not near the end of the process. I prayed yesterday which seems silly because I don’t on a regular basis…for anything to take his pain away. He deserves the peace after going through such misery:'(

diaries of a blonde

State inspection week, enough said. The state inspector was sitting at my station, tediously picking apart our ADL’S. I grabbed my vitals sheet and the nurse says she needs it…I was thinking, “I’m writing my vitals for you”. What I said was, “I need to rub on you”? Everyone laughs (but the inspector) and shoots an I can’t believe you just did that look at me! I drop my head in embarrassment, blush, shoot a smile at her and whisper…aaawwwkkkwwwaaarrrddd. Which in turn made her laugh removing her from her authoritative comfort zone. Needless to say she let me off the hook;-)